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Q. Can i keep my Stereo?
A. Sure you can keep your Stereo no problem It just might reflect the price of your vehicle if our buyer wants it to fix up and resell.

Q. I want to keep my plates is that okay?
A. Yes, You can keep your plates.

Q. What is my car worth?
A. Your vehicles worth is dependent on many factors such as your location, the cosmetic and mechanical condition of your vehicles, and the age of your vehicle.

Q. Do you buy junk cars anywhere in Cleveland?
A. Yes we can have a network of buyers who want to pay you cash today anywhere in Cleveland.

Q. Do you have any fees or charges I should know about?
A. Never! We pay you cash for you car in Cuyahoga County and provide free towing. We will never charge you and we never have any hidden fees.

Q. I have a Subaru with no wheels or tires sitting on blocks will you buy it?
A. Our service offers cash and junk car removal in Cleveland tire or not.

Q. Where do you buy cars?
A. We have a network of buyers who pay Cash for Junk Cars anywhere within 50 miles of Cleveland Ohio.

Q. Do I need the keys to my car in order to sell it to Sammy Car Buyer?
A. No you do not need the keys we have a car buyer in Cuyahoga County that will buy your vehicle keys or no keys.

Q. Do I need a title to sell my car?
A. Yes we require a title to all vehicles that are purchases through us.

Q. Do you notify the dmv of sale?
A. Yes the buyer will notify the DMV of the sale however you should do your due diligence and notify the dmv your self. Visit the DMV website here.